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Description of cashback from Verizon Wireless Info

Verizon Wireless does not offer any cashback. Nevertheless, it has great offers that you will see in their website. Visit {advertiser_name} to check them out!

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Coupons Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless does not have any coupons or discount codes available. However, you might be able to get cashback or other offers.

Coupon information

Don't forget you can save even more when you use discount, codes, coupons and other promotional offers from Verizon Wireless and keep in touch with your friends and family all over the US!

Shop terms and conditions

- Cashback is only compatible with the discount codes and coupons offered by beruby.

- Cashback is not compatible with other promotions such as employee discounts, discounts for companies, or exclusive promotions received by the user.

- Cashback will not be given on cash on delivery or instalment payments.

- Cashback is calculated excluding taxes, fees and shipping costs if any.

Products and Services from Verizon Wireless

Verizon has the largest cellular network in America, covering 98% of all Americans. Verizon has a reputation for having the most reliable and strong connections, superb customer service and a wide selection of phones – including brands like Droid that you won't find anywhere else. Verizon's cellular service is fast, dependable, well supported and far-reaching.

Latest reviews of Verizon Wireless

| 19-07-2016

Verizon Wireless es un operador de telefonía móvil de Estados Unidos fundado en el año 2000. Es el mayor operador móvil del país con más de 80 millones de clientes. Detrás le sigue AT&T Mobility, con un total de 67,2 millones de clientes. Wikipedia Fundación: 4 de abril de 2000, Municipio de Bedminster, Nueva Jersey, Estados Unidos Oficina central: Basking Ridge, Nueva Jersey, Estados Unidos Director ejecutivo: John G. Stratton Fundadores: Verizon Communications, Vodafone

Excelencia en calidad.

buen servicio

| 06-07-2016
| 06-07-2016
john morillo

buen servivio lo reecomiendo

| 28-04-2016



| 22-04-2016
| 22-04-2016
yoel enrique

la comunicacion es imprecindible y comunicarse con un smartphone de buena calidad es mucho mejor

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